With heavy hearts, we bid farewell to an extraordinary person who illuminated our television screens for over four decades. At the blessed age of 91, Canada’s pioneering Islamic television and radio program host returned to our merciful Lord.

For over 40 years, Ezz Gad has graced our living rooms, not merely as a television host, but as an educator, a mentor, and a benevolent soul. His dedication to spreading the message of the Quran brought forth Canada’s first Islamic television program (Reflections on Islam), reaching millions of Muslims and non-Muslims across Canada. Through the lens of this television show, he fostered community in a diverse nation, erased misconceptions of Islam, and showcased the authenticity of the Quran. Following the onset of Reflections on Islam television show, Ezz Gad produced Canada’s first Ramadan radio program, where viewers tuned in every evening throughout the month of Ramadan for wisdom, stories, and reflections as they prepared to break their fasts. 

Unfortunately, Reflections on Islam TV and Radio Program is no longer in operation. We thank you for your continued support over the years and we are grateful that you have been a valued member of our community. We would also like to offer sincere gratitude to our technicians Gerald Hill and Victor Brown for their invaluable dedication to Reflections on Islam.

As we reflect on Ezz Gad’s impactful legacy, let us remember him not only as a trailblazing host, but as a visionary who built bridges of understanding in a world that profoundly needs it. His commitment to fostering unity through education and compassion, while spreading the message of Islam will forever resonate in the hearts of those who were along with him through his journey. Let us carry forward the torch of wisdom, empathy, and acceptance that he so brilliantly ignited. May his legacy continue to inspire generations of Muslims, reminding us all to practice with knowledge, faith, and humility.

You can find episodes of Reflections on Islam on our YouTube channel: Reflections on Islam TV (@reflectionsonislamtv4343).

This tribute was written by Zalina Ali and Ameera Ali

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